How To Root Android 11 By Using MagisK Manager

Installing Magisk and then rooting the device is quite simple. Finally flash the resultant patched boot image to the phone by using Fastboot commands. This guide will be explaining this process in detail, step by step.


Needs to Root Android 11

  1. Android 11 phone
  2. A Windows, macOS, or the Linux PC
  3. Compatible USB cable.

Step 1: Unlock Bootloader

While installing the Magisk Manager and rooting the phone, you need to flash the patched boot image to your device. To perform this action, firstly, you need to unlock the bootloader of the phone. You must be aware that Unlocking the bootloader will erase the complete data from your phone, including internal storage.

Step 2: Get Boot Image for your Device

  • The next action you should perform is to get the stock boot image for your device or the Android 11 software version, which is currently installed in it. Suppose the manufacturer of your phone permits the bootloader unlocking chances because they can also download links for the factory’s images. In that case, these images are in the form of .zip archives and consists of .img files of individual device partitions. For the rooting process, you need to boot the image file that is generally called a boot. image
  • Once the image is the boot, transfer it inside the Download folder of your phone’s internal storage. The download folder is just chosen for the convenience of storing the file.

Step 3: Install Magisk v8.0.2+ on Android 11

Firstly, download the APK file of Magisk from the official Github release page directly on your phone and then launch the file manager app of your choice and browse the folder where the file was downloaded. After it, locate that downloaded file and click on the file to launch the Android in-built package installer. Press the Install button and then wait for the installation process to finish. Once it is done, hit the OK button or DONE. You might be then prompted to allow access for the installation of unknown applications.

root andoid mobile

Step 4: patch Boot Image with the Magisk Manager

  • Now at this stage, you have both the things boot image, as well as the Magisk Manager, installed on your device so, it is time to patch it and to execute this action, you need first to launch the Magisk Manager application and then press the cogwheel icon which is located at the extreme top right corner to access the Settings. Click on the Update Channel and then set it to Beta channel. The Magisk is currently not available on the Stable channel but only on the Public Beta channel.
  • Return to the main screen and press the install button and then choose the option of “ Select and Patch a File” from the menu of available methods. The file selector will then open, so browse the Download folder in your phone’s internal storage and select the boot image file.
  • Afterimage selection, press the “ Let’s Go” button, and the Magisk Manager will then begin downloading the latest version of Magisk and then patch the boot image with the file. Once it is done, the resultant patched boot image file will be stored inside the Download Folder.

Step 5: Set Android Platform Tools On Computer

  • Start it by downloading the latest platform-tools package according to the computer’s OS.
  • Once it is downloaded, extract the contents of the zip file to get the platform-tools folder. And then move this folder to the easily accessible location on the computer for installation.

Step 6: Launch the command line window under the Platform-Tools folder.

It is essential to launch the command line window under the Platform-tools folder along with the installed tools. The command line can only recognize the files added to the PATH and are inside the folder where it has been open.

root android mobile

Step 7: Transfer Patched Boot Image to your PC.

As you came to know, that boot image is stored after patching to become easier for the users to identify. So, connect the Android 11 device with the PC via USB cable and then turn on the “ File Transfer” mode and copy the Magisk patched boot image inside the Download Folder to the Platform Tools folder the computer, and disconnect the phone.

Step 8: Boot your Android 11 into Fastboot Mode

To enter the Fastboot Mode, Turn ON the USB debugging on the phone, connect it to the PC, and then execute the PC’s command.

Step 9: Flash Patched Boot Image to Root Android 11

  • Lastly, it’ time to flash the Patched Boot Image to install the Magisk Manager and root the Android 11 device. To perform this, connect the phone to the PC via USB while in the Fastboot Mode.
  • Verify that the computer can recognize your phone over the bootloader interface by using commands.
  • Then enter the specific command on the PC to flash the patched boot image to your phone.
  • After flashing is done, reboot your phone in the OS and then disconnect the phone from the PC and wait for a while to finish the boot.

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