How To Use The PowerPoint Slide Master Layouts?

What is Slide Master?

Slide Master is used to ensuring that all the slides in the PowerPoint presentation have the same look.

slide master

How To Access The PowerPoint Slide Master Layout?

Slide Master is like a style sheet for the presentations. Changes made to it will be applied to all the slides created after formatting the Slide Master.

To access the PowerPoint Slide Master presentation, select the View button and then click on the Slide Master option.

How To Change The Layout in the Slide Master?

Changing the font style on the slide master will affect the text placeholders and all the slides. However, not all the placeholders are affected by the changes that are made to the slide master. You might require to make additional changes to the various slide layouts.


Make changes to the slide master layout before you create a presentation. If you change the font style or font color on the slide before editing the slide master and the slide layouts, then the formatting will be retained on those slides.

To make the changes in the PowerPoint Slide Master.

  1. Firstly, select the slide master located in the Slide pane as the top thumbnail.
  2. After that, go to the Slide Master button to change the theme, fonts, theme colors, and background for the entire presentation.
  3. Then in the Slides pane, select a slide layout thumbnail and then make some changes to the layout master if required.

How To Close The PowerPoint Slide Master Layout?

After making all the changes to the slide master, select the Slide Master tab and then go to the Close Master View and click on it to return to the presentation slides. Each new slide that you will add to the presentation takes in the changes that you have made. You will be saving some time by not having to make the edits to every individual slide. Your presentation will then have a uniform and a professional look.

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