What Is an AVI File and How to open it?

AVI file is the standard video format for Windows machines, which was firstly developed in 1992 by Microsoft. The AVI file is saved in the multimedia container format, which stores the audio and video using a different variety of codecs, such as DivX and XviD.


How To Open an AVI File?

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave is a very known file format for saving digital video. AVI file is also one of the trickiest files to open and then play with the media player software. Follow these easy steps to make the process of opening an AVI file flawless:

1. AVI file format works:

AVI file is a file that is called a Container format, which means that it does not specify how the video and audio contained within it was encoded. It simply includes the data in a shell, familiar to the user and the software.

  • Firstly, understand why AVI files can be so fussy about understanding what encoding and decoding are. It means that it will be compressed by using a specific algorithm to reduce to a manageable size.
  • To playback the video file, the media player software will have to decode the data using the same algorithm used to encode it.
  • Encoding and decoding are performed by using a codec. A codec abbreviation for the Coder/Decoder is a small application that permits the media software to pack and unpack the video files. 
open avi file

2.Download and install the media player packaged with many of the most common codecs

Before you try to find out and install the codec required individually, consider it by using the different media player. VLCmedia player is a free and open-source media player packaged with a huge assortment of common codecs. Install the VLC media player and then try to use it to open your video file. If the file plays, then the codec required was provided by the VLC media player.

3. Download and install the all-purpose codec

If VLC would not play your AVI file, you can also try downloading the single codec called FFDSHOW. It is a codec that can pack and unpack various media files, so there is an amazing chance it can be handled the decoding for your troublesome AVI file. So download the codec and then double click on the executable file to start the installation wizard.

4. Download and install the codec pack

what is a codec pack? It is exactly similar to what it sounds like: it means a package that contains hundreds of codecs. If you are still unable to play the AVI file, you can download a codec pack hoping that 1 of the codecs consisted will be able to decode your file.

5.Analyze the AVI file to figure out.

If none of the options mentioned above works, you can then download an application that will examine which codec was used to encode the AVI file. AVI codec and Gs pot are the two popular programs used for doing this.

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