Install One Plus Sans Font On Any Android Device

You would be really happy to know that you can ditch your phone’s default font easily and replace it with the Sans Font throughout the OS of your phone. Fonts, or technically we call them Typefaces, consist of a very deep impact on how our mind will perceive them and process the presented information.

Back in 2017, It had introduced the One Plus Slate Font, which was liked by many audiences and was also compared to Google’s good old Roboto Font. Similarly, Sans Font is a spiritual successor of the same and blends into it very well along with the new user interface modifications implemented by the OnePlus in Oxygen OS 11.

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Steps To Install Sans Font On Android

This new font style is available for the OnePlus eight series, i.e., OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus  8T that runs on the Oxygen OS 11. But odin software developers community had made this possible that any OEM Android device can get OnePlus Sans Font. This is because of the Magisk module, which is developed by the member of the community Venky.

As it is a Magisk module, the thing which is required is only your phone must be rooted with the Magisk. So follow these steps described below to install the Sans Font on your Android device.

Step1: Download “OnePlus Systemlessly” Module

  • Firstly, it is important to download the Magisk module by itself. And then tap the link “ OnePlus” and then download the Module’s zip file to your device. When downloading the Module on your computer, ensure that to transfer the Module to your phone’s internal storage.
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Step2: Using Magisk Manager, Install the Module

  • The Module is not submitted to the Official Magisk repository, and therefore you need to install it manually. To Install this, Firstly launch the Magisk Manager application on your device and then press the icon of “Modules” on the extreme right bottom and select the option of “Install from storage.”
  • Then the file selection window will be opened and display the downloaded files on your mobile phone. If the Module is kept somewhere else on the storage, then browse the location of it. The window will then automatically select the file with a grey color that is not in a compatible format.
  • The next step is to select the “OnePlus Sans-Font-Module” file to begin the process of installing the Module. This will take few seconds to finish, and after it finishes, press the “Reboot” button on the extreme right bottom.

Step3: Now Enjoy the updated font on your phone

  • So you don’t need to configure any settings, and it should change the default font automatically on your android device after a reboot.

In the future, whenever you need to revert to the original default font of your android device, go to the Magisk Manager and then select the modules button and find the installed module “OnePlus Sans By Module Magic” from the list and hit the remove button. The particular Module will be disabled instantly and come back to its original font just after rebooting your android device.

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