How To Update Your Samsung Phone With Odin Manually?

What is Odin?

Odin is a Windows software released internally by Samsung.   

what is odin


  1. Samsung device(phone or tablet)
  2. Windows desktop or laptop
  3. USB cable

Steps To Update Your Phone With Odin

Step 1: Search For Right Odin Version

Before using Odin, you need to find and download the Odin on your device. Samsung does not publish Odin for public download, so you have to get the version hosted by a third party. The updated version of Odin is 3.12. After downloading the correct version of Odin, unzip it if it is a form of the compressed folder, and as the program is portable, it does not require installation.

update odin mode

Step 2: Search An Odin-Flashable Firmware File

Consider some factors before selecting a file with magisk manager to download and flash.

  • Device compatibility

firstly ensure the file is intended for flashing on your specific device and device variant. Check out the full model number to be sure, and if you’re not sure, you probably shouldn’t flash.

  • Carrier compatibility

Some variants of Samsung mobiles are only for the particular mobile carriers, while others can be used for multiple carriers, making some phones incompatible with the firmware.

  • Downgrade blocks

If a software update is specifically extensive, it may not be possible to flash the older version of the mobile software again. Pretty much the only method to know this is to check the reports of other users.

  • Odin compatibility

Older versions of the Odin software may not flash the latest updated firmware files, so you have to wait for the updated version to leak before continuing it.

how to use odin mode

Step 3: Connect Your Phone or Tablet

Turn off your mobile phone and then boot it into the “Download mode.” This special pre-boot mode prepares the phones for flashing new software. A specific combination of button presses will boot in this mode; in the older versions of phones, they use the “Power+Home+Volume Down” button, hold for five seconds. On Galaxy S8 and Note 8 series, it’s Power+Bixby button+Volume Down. Now when you are in Download mode, plug your mobile into your PC with the USB cable.

Step 4: Using Odin For the Flash

With your Samsung device connected to your PC, launch the Odin software. You should have seen a single entry in the ID: COM field, colored teal in the latest version, as well as Added.

Step 5: Discover an Odin-Flashable Firmware File

This is likely the explanation you need Odin in any case. Odin documents change in size, going from tremendous multi-gigabyte firmware records (the fundamental working framework for an Android telephone) to little updates of other essential frameworks, for example, the charger fire up or radio. More often than not, you’ll use Odin to streak a stock, an unmodified or somewhat altered programming picture to add apparatuses like root access.

Once more, you are essentially searching for energetic client locales like XDA as the essential merchants of these records. Clients will as a rule discover the product, download it to a document facilitating administration like AndroidFileHost, then, at that point make another message on the discussion to declare it and connection it to the facilitating administration. Another significant capacity of these messages is to ensure that the document you are utilizing is viable with your gadget.

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