How To Root Android-Samsung Galaxy Note

Some important requirements and make sure that they are fully met:

  • To establish a successful connection between the PC and the phone, you should have downloaded the latest version of the Samsung USB drivers and also Install them.
  • Flashing of Firmware files will be done through the Odin. The latest version of Odin must also be downloaded there and extract the downloaded zip file on your PC.
  • A copy of full stock firmware is currently installed on your phone.
  • Make sure your phone is charged with a sufficient battery to avoid the sudden shutdowns during the process of rooting.
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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note?

The process to root Samsung Galaxy Note has been split into four major steps.

Step1: Unlock the Bootloader

The very first step for rooting is to unlock the Bootloader on your Galaxy Note and to do so:

  1. Go to the “Settings” button, select the “About phone” option, and then click on the “Software information” on your Device.
  2. Continuously click on the “Build number” option until you find the message displaying on the screen, “Developer mode has been enabled!”.
  3. Now go to the “Settings” option and then on the “Developer options.”
  4. Find the “OEM Unlocking” option and then turn ON the toggle button next to it.
  5. Select the “Turn on” button when prompted to enable the OEM unlocking on your Note.
  6. Now boot your Device in the Odin Mode.
  7. Long-press on the Volume Up key on the Warning screen to enter into the Device unlock mode.
  8. Lastly, press the Volume Up button again to confirm and unlock the Bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy Note.
  9. Your Device will automatically reboot and then erase all data.
  10. Even if the Bootloader is unlocked, it will not permit you to flash any unofficial/custom binaries until the new “Vaultkeeper” service permits it.
  11. To complete the process, skip the initial setup and then make sure to connect the Device to the internet with any network.
  12. Then go to the “Settings” button and then the “Developer options” command and ensure yourself that the “OEM Unlocking” slider is turned ON and greyed out.

If it is ON, then the Bootloader of your phone is now fully unlocked, and it can be flashed with the custom binaries.

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Step 2: Patch AP Firmware File with Magisk

You then need to patch the AP firmware file with the Magisk, which could be easily done using the Magisk Manager application.

  1. Firstly, Copy the extracted AP firmware file to the internal storage of your Galaxy Note.
  2. Download the Magisk Manager application with the latest version.
  3. Install the downloaded app on your Galaxy Note.
  4. Once installed, then go to the application drawer and launch the “Magisk Manager.”
  5. Tap the “Install” button and then select the “Select and Patch a File” command.
  7. Browse the internal storage and then select the AP firmware file that you previously copied to the Device.
  8. Magisk Manager will then patch the AP firmware file with the latest version of Magisk.

Once the process is finished, the resultant Patched AP firmware file will be present in the internal storage. Now connect your Galaxy Note to the PC ad, then copy the file from the Download folder from your mobile phone’s internal storage to a suitable location on the PC.


Step 3: Root Galaxy Note by Flashing the Patched AP Firmware

  1. Firstly, Power off your Galaxy Note.
  2. Then connect the phone to the personal PC via the USB cable while holding the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons altogether.
  3. You will now wait for the Warning prompt on the screen.
  4. Then press the Volume Up button to confirm and then enter the Download Mode on your Galaxy Note.
  5. Then Launch the Odin tool by just double-clicking on the “Odin3 V3.13.3.exe” executable file.
  6. The Odin tool will then detect the mobile phone, and then the “ID: COM” port will be highlighted.
  7. Now, ensure that the “Auto Reboot” option is unchecked in the “Options” button of the Odin tool.
  8. Lastly, tap the “Start” button to flash the files and root the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Step 4: Factory Reset

With your Galaxy Note in Odin Mode, follow the instructions listed below to boot the stock recovery and then perform a factory reset.

  1. Firstly, Disconnect the mobile phone from your PC.
  2. Now hold the Volume Down and the Power keys altogether to exit the  Odin Mode.
  3. Use Volume keys (UP or DOWN) to highlight the “Wipe data or factory reset” option and then press the Power button to confirm.
  4. Select the “Yes” button to confirm, and factory reset your Note.
  5. Once the process is done, you should then select the option of “Reboot system now” in stock recovery and immediately press the Volume Up and the Power keys.
  6. Release the keys once the bootloader warning message displays on the screen.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note will now boot into the system (OS) rooted with the Magisk. Go through all the on-screen instructions and set up your mobile phone. Once completed, you shall see the Magisk Manager stub in the app drawer. Just launch the application, and it will install the full Magisk Manager on your mobile phone, followed by an additional setup and reboot.

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