How iPod Got Its Name?

The word “iPod” has become so popular, and this product is so much a part of our culture that we hardly blink our eyes off it when we hear about it.

When giving names to the new products invented names, companies always decide the name on the meaning, an acronym, or want the name to evoke a feeling or an image. So, does it the same with the iPod? Does it also stand for anything?

The answer is “NO.”

The name iPod was inspired by few things. To understand the inspiration behind this name, we need to trace two elements: the ‘I’ and the ‘pod.’

ipd name

Apple’s History with ‘I’

Starting the product names with the prefix ‘i’ has been common for Apple since the 1990s. The first ‘i’ device released by Apple was the original iMac in 1998. Other examples of this consist of the iBook laptop and the iMovie and iTunes application. While some of those products still live on. As to where that original ‘i’ in iMac came from, there are many different theories. Some of those say that ‘i’ stands for the first initial of the last name of Apple’s Former Chief Design Officer, Jonathan I’ve. But the fact is that ‘i’ stands for Internet, according to Ken Segall, who had led the team which came up with the name.

When the first iMac was introduced in the market, the Internet was still a relatively new thing that nearly many people have not used today.


‘Pod’ Emerges From Science Fiction

At the time of introducing the iPod, Apple was thinking of its consumer grade products as part of the digital hub. Freelance copywriter Vinnie Chieco had been hired to work on naming the device and was trying out the associations with the word “hub,” according to several articles on the topic.

Chieco thought about the spaceships as hubs, which led him to think about smaller space shuttles in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Once 2001 was in mind, which takes him to one of the most famous quotes: “Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”

And the word ‘pod’ from the quote and Apple’s ‘i’ branding, the “iPod” name emerged.

It is Not The Internet Portable Open Database

  • if you look around on the Internet to explain the iPod’s name, then one of the most popular answers that you will get is that it is an acronym that stands for Internet Portable Open Database. The original version of the iPod OS did not have a public name, and it is since called the iPod OS.
  • Secondly, the original iPod has no Internet-related properties at all. It was an MP3 player who got its data by connecting to your computer, not by the Internet. While the prefix ‘i’ in Apple products started the meaning “Internet.”
  • And lastly, the term Portable Open Database does not make much sense as it comes to the MP3 player. Databases are software that, by definition, pretty fairly portable.

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