How To Use Guest Mode On Chromecast?

Chromecast is an excellent method to share movies and music to your television. It also permits casting by the guests, without sharing the other information like your wifi username and password.

Guest mode will also permit you to share your Chromecast with the houseguests, making it very easy for them to share the music and video from their mobile phones with everyone without having to “setup” anything.


Step 1: Turn On The Guest Mode

  1. Open the Google Home application on your smartphone or a tablet.
  2. Select the devices in the extreme top right corner.
  3. Then select the menu for the Chromecast itself.
  4. Select the Guest Mode.
  5. Select the Toggle Switch to turn the Guest Mode On.

Step 2: By Using Guest Mode

  1. Open any Chromecast enabled application and then click on the Cast button.
  2. Select the Nearby device and then follow the prompts to connect.
  3. The device will then listen for the special nearly inaudible tones from the television, make the connection automatically, and then start casting.
  4. If the connection gets fails, you will be prompted to use the PIN instead. Continue below to discover that what PIN is to use.

Locate the PIN

  1. If the connection gets fails to look on the television screen while the Chromecast will display wallpaper. A 4 digit PIN will be listed there.
  2. If you are still unable to locate the PIN on the screen, the host of the Chromecast can use the “Home” application on their mobile phone to provide it.
  3. Firstly open the Google Home application on your smartphone or a tablet.
  4. Then Select the Devices in the extreme top right corner.
  5. The PIN Is then found under the device name.

How Does Guest Mode Work?

  1. When Guest Mode is Disabled, Chromecast emits the special wifi and also the Bluetooth beacon.
  2. When Chromecast is turned on, the application is launched on the Guest devices, the device that detects the special wifi or a Bluetooth beacon and then displays the Cast icon in the app. On clicking the Cast Icon, casting to a Nearby device will be listed as an available option.
  3. The Chromecast then creates a random four-digit PIN required to cast to it by using the guest mode. When the device tries to connect, the Chromecast automatically transfers that specific PIN using a short inaudible audio tone.

If the audio tone pairing gets failed, the guest will be provided with the option to connect manually by entering the four-digit PIN found on the Chromecast Ambient Mode Screen and in the Google Home application.

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