Steps to Unlock the Bootloader on the Realme 3/3i Device & Relock It

It has established its strong root android worldwide, which offers smart phones that feature powerful hardware at a competitive price. The Realme company encourages custom development by providing the official boot loader unlocking methods for enthusiasts who want to play around with the software.

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An unlocked boot loader is compulsory if you need to flash the custom ROMs, then install the custom recovery like TWRP or root your Realme phone via Magisk. But when it comes to the Realme mobile phone, for that matter, the Boot loader will easily be unlocked through the Fast boot. An additional step is there to be performed before that, which is to use the Official Unlock Tool provided by the Realme to validate the Boot loader.

Required Tools

  • Unlocking Bootloader will erase the complete data stored on the phone and the internal storage of the phone. Therefore, take a backup of your data first and then start the process of unlocking the Bootloader.
  • Charge the phone’s battery sufficiently to carry out the process smoothly.
  • Ensure that you install the latest USB drivers for your Realme 3 that is installed on your computer.
  • When you follow the instructions, you need to launch the command line window in the same folder where the platform-tools are installed. Follow the given steps when asked to do so:

PowerShell on Windows Platform: open the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed. Press the Shift Key and then right-tap on the space inside the folder. Finally, select the option of “ Open PowerShell window here.”

Terminal On macOS/Linux Platform: here, launch the Terminal window and then use the “cd” command to change their directory to the folder where ADB and Fastboot both are installed.

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Instructions Followed To Unlock Bootloader On Realme 3/3i.

Step 1: Turn on the option “ OEM Unlock” On Your Phone.

Start the process by turning on the option of “OEM Unlock” on your Realme device. And to perform this action go to the settings tab, then select the “About Phone” button and click continuously on the “version” section for about seven times unless and until you don’t receive the message “You are now in Developer mode” displaying on the screen. By doing this action, you enable the hidden developer options menu also. And now go to the settings tab again and then click on the additional settings tab and select the “Developer Options” on your device and then Turn ON the OEM Unlock switch.

Step 2: Download Unlock Tool and Validate the Bootloader on Realme 3/Realme 3i.

Secondly, validate your device’s Bootloader for unlocking it. To perform this download, the official unlocks tool for your Realme device will install the downloaded APK file. Once it gets installed, launch the unlock tool app and click on the “ Start applying” button. Then read out the disclaimer displayed on the screen and click on the checkbox saying “I have read and agreed on terms to the content above,” Then, tap the “ Submit Application” button. The servers will process your application, and after 15 minutes, the tool will show the message of ” Review Successful.”

Step 3: Startup the In-Depth Test and Reboot the Device in Fastboot Mode

When the bootloader unlocking request has been approved, you can start unlocking the Bootloader on your Realme 3/3i. To begin this process, now select the option of “ Begin In-Depth Test” in the Unlock Tool application. On doing so, your device will reboot into the Fastboot Mode automatically.

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Step 4: Unlock the Bootloader by Using Fastboot

  • While your Realme device is in the Fastboot Mode, connect it to the personal computer using a USB cable and then launch the command line on your computer.
  • Then enter the command to verify whether the PC can communicate with the phone over the Fastboot interface.
  • This command-line should then return your device’s unique ID, and if it does not do so, ensure that you have the appropriate USB drivers installed, or you should try using the different USB port on your computer.
  • The next step is to type in the following commands in the command line and then hit the “ Enter” button to begin the bootloader Unlocking process.
  • Use the Volume Keys to move the selector to “ UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER” and then hold the Power Key to confirm and finally unlock the Bootloader on your Realme 3/3i.

Your phone will then reboot automatically, and all the data on the phone will be then erased. So, once it gets the boot, you can re-setup your phone, log into your Google account, etc., by following the on-screen instructions.

Relock The Bootloader

If at any time you wish to Relock the Bootloader as of some security point or for restoring the phone to its factory state, then you can do so by following the instructions listed downwards:

  • Firstly, download the Unlock Tool application and then install it on your Realme device.
  • Launch the Unlock Tool application and then select the “ Apply to exit in-depth test.”
  • Then boot your Realme device into Fastboot Mode. And to perform this action, Switch off your phone and then press the Volume Down and Power keys simultaneously.
  • The next step is to connect the mobile phone with your computer with a USB cable’s help.
  • Launch the command line on your computer and issue them.
  • After entering the command, you will then receive a confirmation message on the screen of your phone. then use the Volume Keys to select the “ LOCK THE BOOTLOADER” and hit the power key to confirm and relock the Bootloader on the device if needed.
  • It will erase the complete data on your phone and reboot it automatically.

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